This is a 45 minute session dedicated to truly relaxing and practicing breathing for labour.


You will:

Spend time thinking what you will do during your labour.

Learning active birth positions

Learn how to breath correctly during labour

Several relaxation techniques

How to stay deeply relaxed when going into situation's which could stress you (eg arriving at hospital)


Practice will help these skills to become 2nd nature to you so that when your labour begins you know what to expect and what to do. We do deep breathing, relaxation breathing, use affirmations, touch, movement, and vocalisation. When it comes to your labour you might find one thing works better than the other.


Relaxation during pregnancy is wonderful for both you and baby too. It helps to reduce stress, increase your sense of well being and gives you time to focus on baby.


NEW - Relaxed for Birth


- Improves sleep
- Reduces stress good for mum2be and baby.
- Learn breathing techniques for labour.
- Strengthen body for different posistions in labour
- Encourages baby into a optimal birth posistion.



Private one2one sessions available



"I have attended Natasha’s Mums2be Pregnancy exercise classes and also her Breathing and Deep Relaxation sessions in Datchet.

Both classes were fantastic and great preparation for the birth of my son Thomas. It was helpful to interact with other women and share concerns about our impending births.

Mums2be classes are great exercise for strengthening and stretching core muscles. Especially if like me, you previously did very little exercise.

Deep Breathing and Relaxation sessions were helpfully to understand and practice birthing techniques and different birthing positions. They were a great help in preparing for labour and understanding the birthing process so I was not as scared as I may have been.

Natasha is great trainer and very knowledgeable about particular exercises for pregnancy. My three Hour labour is testimonial to that."


Martina, Datchet, September 2017

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Datchet Baptist Church Hall, 62 London Road, Datchet, SLough, Berkshire, SL3 9JR

Class attendee:

1 Session £10.00 /3 Sessions £24.00

Non attendee:

1 Session £12.00

3 Sessions £30.00
When can I attend the class:

After your 12 week scan.